Warning: 3 things tourists should avoid in Budapest

Warning: 3 things tourists should avoid in Budapest


Every time we go abroad we fall into undesirable situations, the less we know a country and the more different it is from ours, the more mistakes we make. Catching the wrong line of the metro, going to bad restaurants, buying overpriced souvenirs and getting robbed while resting on the beach are some examples of what can go wrong in our holidays.

That is why you have to be alert all time and try to skip the dangerous situations you might run into. Let’s see what are the three most important situations that we should avoid while spending our vacations in Budapest, because we´re travelers, not tourists!

Warning 3 things tourists should avoid in Budapest

1. Lets start with the minor:

Avoiding touristy restaurants

In the historical center Vaci utca, which is a pedestrian area full of shops, bars and restaurants, you’ll see that everything is very convenient for tourists: English menus, people trying to convince you eat in their restaurants, expensive souvenirs, etc. There is no need to analyze so much to realize that locals never go to these restaurants. The Good, and most importantly, authentic restaurants are the ones where you’ll pay the half of the price you could be charged at Vaci utca, where the menus are in Hungarian and there is nobody pushing you to come in.

2. Okay, we have already overcome the touristy restaurants. Now we need to sharpen our senses a bit more:

Avoid unofficial taxis

The golden rule to avoid being charged more than the official rates is not to take any taxi on the street, and instead of that calling an official taxi company. The official companies are easy to differentiate, because the license plate is yellow (any other car will have a white plate). If you get in a taxi and you see that it is not equipped with a machine to issue an invoice, a meter and the taxi driver identification number, you better get off as soon as possible, otherwise you’ll end up paying a lot of money.

Here are a few official taxi companies’ phones numbers:

6×6 Taxi: 2-666-666

Barát Taxi: (20) (30) (70) 5-200-200

Buda Taxi: 2-333-333

Budapest Taxi: 4-333-333

City Taxi: 2-111-111

It is a good idea to call the same company every time you need to use this service, because in the end you’ll be a known client. Normally, for long runs (unless you go out of town) you won’t be charged more than 3000-3500 HUF (11-13 Euros), and short runs between 2000-2500 HUF (7-10 Euros)

3. Finally, our third tip to avoid getting fooled:

Stay away from beautiful women

We haven’t gone mad, but you have to be careful when you are approached by an attractive woman with no apparent reason, this practice is quite popular in Budapest and it always ends badly: she may rob you or makes you getting into trouble.

Any of these situations can totally spoil your trip, or make pay a lot more than you expected. So we hope this article was helpful.

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