Gay Saunas in Budapest

Gay Saunas in Budapest


With a fascinating history, Budapest is undoubtedly the one and only queen of the Danube. Since Roman times, this beautiful city was renown for its numerous thermal baths. Also, the famous Aquincum museum, is found in Roman ruins which are over one thousand years old. Among these, there’s an amphitheater as well as other archeological wonders. The Danube in itself is already a marvel in itself, and there are cruises that take you from its top to the very bottom.

Gay Saunas in Budapest

Anyway, if what you’re looking for isn’t just romance but a bit of action instead, there’s a wide variety of gay saunas in the city where great massages, some eroticism and freedom combine, so you can have an intense time while you’re visiting museums and historical sites. One of the most popular ones is Magnum. With well-equiped facilities with over 550 sq metres, you can find saunas, steam rooms, private cabins, glory holes, video rooms, gym, solarium, bar, food, massage rooms and dark rooms so you can have “more privacy”. Whatever you can imagine, it’s there. Also, this popular place organizes different events in its facilities. Having been Budapest’s first gay sauna, every Friday they have naked parties from 10pm and, on Saturdays, parties from 8pm with live shows. Unmissable and unpredictable.

Along the same lines, another very interesting sauna is Sauna 69. In its, obviously, Western style, in 69 you’ll be able to meet cute guys who go to relax there for a while taking a break from work or there everyday lives. It has a jacuzzi, steam rooms, private rooms and glory holes. Also, if your thing is swimming and being naked, Palatinus is also a very good option. It’s open from May 1st until August 22nd, in Margit Szeget. There’s a nudist terrace full of gorgeous guys waiting for you. Of course, each of these options are at your wallet’s disposal, and what suits you best. The truth is that one week to explore these options would be good for you. It might be the necessary time that you need to go for a steamy walk in the most daring saunas.

And while we’re on the subject of Spring and Summer, a well-recommended beach for gays is the Lake Omszki Beach. This is north of Budapest and you don’t have to pay to be on the shores of this lake. It is mostly frequented by naturists who come to enjoy these waters on the hottest days. Exactly, nudism everywhere and, above all, plenty of gay visitors, so that’s another meeting point that you can’t miss. At the lake, as well as having a splendid bath, you can also do waterskiing and go on boats. For more information ongay activities in Budapest, you can visit this webpage:

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