Budapest Transport

Budapest Transport


Small picturesque towns, museums, art galleries and several other tourist attractions make up the glamorous city of Budapest, Hungary. When you travel around the city, you would be overwhelmed and surprised at the same time. The unique features of Budapest and hospitable Hungarians are sure to enthrall any traveler. Plan your next vacation in this European city and be mesmerized with what it has to offer.

Budapest transport has an excellent system. Visiting places around the city is absolutely hassle-free. No doubt the city has one of the best public transport systems. Whether you have to travel in the city or in its suburban areas, you can comfortably move around as there are frequent trains, metros, buses and taxis. During the peak hours, you might get stuck up; otherwise the frequency of buses and metros is numerous, making your ride a pleasant one.


Budapest transport : Airport

The two airports of the Budapest transport namely Ferihegy Airport, Terminal 2A and 2B and Ferihegy 1 are located at a distance of about 20 kms from the center of the city. It is, in fact, situated in the district of Pestszentlorinc. Malev flights fly from Terminal 2A, whereas terminal 2B is used for other airlines. Besides, several cheap flights fly to and from Ferihegy 1.


Budapest transport : Railways

There are good railways transportation facilities as well in the city. After the construction of the Grand Boulevard, the present Nyugati Railway Station was constructed. Steam engine trains are the best attraction of this station, which only runs on Saturdays and gives you a ride through the bend of the River Danube. You can also visit the nearby Westend City Center.

Keleti Railway Station is centrally located, within the Budapest transport. One of the most modern stations of Europe, the station boasts of central track-switching system and electric lightning. So, trains running from these two stations are used to travel longer distances with ease.


Budapest transport : Metro

Metro is one of the best options if you want to just view the sights of the city. It is efficient and fast and is also comparatively cheaper. However, it is better if you purchase tickets in advance or buy single or three-day travel card. Through metro you can conveniently reach places of interest in the city.

Budapest transport - Metro_Map


Budapest transport : Road transport

The road transport of the Budapest transport is also good as there is a host of buses and trolleys running on the streets of the city. In fact, Hungary has the most important road terminus in Budapest transport. It is also easy to travel during late night, as there are special night buses to ensure better transportation. Day buses start operating during the early hours at about 4:30 am and continue till 11 pm.

With good transportation facilities there would not be any problem with getting around in Budapest transport.


Budapest transport : Taxis

Taxis are also one of the means of transportation in Budapest. However, a traveler should be cautious in hiring a taxi. It is advised that a visitor should order a taxi over phone always and also fix the fare in advance. Moreover, you should ensure that you book a taxi from a reputed taxi company to avoid any problem during your city tour. Some of the well known taxi companies of Budapest are 6X6 Taxi, Rádiotaxi, Tele5 Taxi, Budataxi, Fotaxi and Citytaxy.

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