Budapest Tourist Attractions

Budapest Tourist Attractions


The beautiful city of Budapest is frequented by a large number of tourists every year. This is chiefly because there are several tourist destinations in Budapest to visit and a number of interesting things to do. Budapest in Hungary is truly a leading tourist destination in the world. With wonderful natural and historical Budapest tourist attractions to offer, the city attracts tourists by the drove. Some of the most wonderful Budapest tourist attractions that are there in the city are:


Budapest tourist attractions : The Chain Bridge

Restored on its hundredth anniversary, this bridge is the significant Budapest tourist attractions. Count István Széchenyi initiated its construction around 1832. This is a must visit for every tourist who comes to the city.Budapest tourist attractions

Budapest tourist attractions : Castle Quarter

Castle Quarter blends in the different architecture styles of the region and is a wonder to behold. Some other places of interest near this Castle includes Kapisztrán Square, Andrew Hess Square, Former Parade Ground, Gentleman’s Street, Fortuna Street, Mihaly-Tancsics Street, Museum of Music History, to name a few.Budapest Travel Guide - Budapest tourist attractions - Castle Quarter


Budapest tourist attractions : Halaszbastya

This Budapest tourist attractions is popularly known as the Fishermen’s Bastion. This famous edifice was built between 1895 and 1902 and lies behind the Matthias Church. The Bastion was constructed as a defense installation by the fishermen during the Middle Ages. Frigyes Schulek designed the building in the Neo-Romanesque style, which features embrasures, colonades and towers. The best part is that you can enjoy the excellent views of the mighty River Danube and the entire city from this place.Budapest-Travel-Guide-Budapest tourist attractions-Halaszbastya


Budapest tourist attractions : Gellert-hegy

Popularly known as the Gellert Hill, it is famous for its several medicinal springs, where you can experience the Rác Baths, the Rudas Baths and the Gellért Baths. Undoubtedly, it is the most striking tourist destination spot of the city. This dolomite structure is about 771 feet high. On the west, you would find several terraces and the east falls of the River Danube. It is a must visit site for every traveler.

Budapest-Travel-Guide-Budapest tourist attractions-Gellert-hegy


Budapest tourist attractions : Margaret Island

Both locals and visitors like to travel to this island during the summer months. It is extremely picturesque spot of the city of Budapest. You would find nature at its best here. Swimming and bicycling are two popular acticvities of the well known isle.

Budapest-Travel-Guide-Budapest tourist attractions-Margaret-Island


Some of the other Budapest tourist attractions include:

– Museum of Fine Arts (Szepmuveszeti Muzeum)

– The Houses of Parliament

– Elizabeth Bridge

– St. Stephen’s Basilica

– Margaret Island (Margit-sziget)

Matthias Church (Church of Our Lady, Coronation Church) (Matyas Templom)

– Hungarian National Museum (Magyar Nemzeti Muzeum)

With so many Budapest tourist attractions to offer, tourists can look to have a wonderful time while they are touring the city of Budapest.

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