Buda Castle: The royal castle of Budapest

Buda Castle: The royal castle of Budapest


Since 1987, Buda Castle has been a part of the UNESCO World Heritage list, and is known as Castle Hill inBuda. In the past, it was also the Royal Palace and the Royal Castle. It is the largest building and is located on the south side of Castle Hill. The Buda Castle District has three main elements of beauty, the Royal Palace, St. George’s Square and the historic residential area. This place is a real exhibit of the unforgettable view of surroundings. Here are many attractions lined.

Buda Castle: The royal castle of Budapest

The ideal location of Buda Castle has countless culturally important private and public buildings – Buda,Pest and Buda had a significant impact beyond the borders of the architecture of different periods.
Opposite the castle district and that on the Pest bank of the Danube is one of the most beautiful parliament building in the world.

At the Fishermen’s Bastion, you can locate yourself in some another world. Quiet music, soft lighting, across small tables and chairs, a kitschy colorful Christmas tree (typical Hungarian) and almost no people has been a famous trait of the place. So it may be the best place to relax and rest.

Today there are two museums, which are a pride part of Buda Castle. One of these is the Historical Museum of Budapest. It traces the history of the city from the origin up to the era of communism. The next is the Hungarian National Gallery with a monumental collection of Hungarian paintings and statues. It presents an encyclopedic collection of Hungarian art from the 10th Century to the present. Besides the museums, visitors can stroll the Buda Castle on his courtyard, to admire the architecture of the buildings and gardens in the medieval kennel.

At the Buda Castle basement, visitors can taste wines from the best wine regions of Hungary. Traversing the 500-square-meter cellar, after a wine-tasting course, there is an opportunity to learn about the local vineyards and the characteristics of the wines made from them in the history. In addition to wine and liquor tasting, wine tasting packages are sold in the basement. Items can be purchased from Winery to ensure the secure transportation of the wines  to abroad.

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