Shopping and fashion in Budapest

Shopping and fashion in Budapest


Anyone who thinks that Paris, London, Milan and New York remain the only sources of international fashion today, little know about what is really happening in terms of fashion around the world. Of course, these cities continue to conglomerate much of the international fashion industry, many of the most important designers are strategically placed in them, but much more is happening in some other cities, such as inBudapest. Besides having a lot of independent designers, Budapest aroused the interest of the consumer market to fashion; “Made in Hungary” is present.

Shopping and fashion in Budapest

The future does not belong to the old dinosaurs, to the same markets. From the place of the margin, from the borders and out of the common patterns, at present, new and riskier models are being tried, new ways of dressing, different costumes, and riskier products at better prices by independent designers, sound much more interesting. The WAMP fair that takes place regularly in this city verifies this.

It is noteworthy that some of the most important and recognized brands are more established in Budapest,either in shopping malls in central areas of the city or intermingled with small shops in the historic center. Brands like Vapiano, United Colors of Benetton, Sisley, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, La Coste andNanushka will be waiting for. All these brands are available in the ” Fashion Street ” on the remodeled Deák Ferenc Street.

Keep in mind, that style in Budapest at night is very important; both women and men, are risky, wearing trendy and sexy clothes, when it comes to conquering the nights of dancing and fun that the city offers. Do not be surprised that some residents actually spend time and money in the production of their dailyclothing. Like in any big city, the style is considered long before romance.

Another essential place to find the best in fashion in Budapest is the shopping mall next to Blaha Lujza Square. Here you will find a greater variety of items in some very exclusive, small shops and recreational areas, as well as other services to spend an entire afternoon shopping.

While the most of the best in clothing, shoes and accessories can be found at the center of the city,exploring some nearby areas you will find interesting shops where there are plenty of unusual items and great prices. Like going hunting, it’s about going with the keen eye and explore everywhere. Never miss the deals at the beginning of the year, some weeks after Christmas holidays.

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