Contemporary art and politics at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest

Contemporary art and politics at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest


Budapest is the ideal place to reflect on the role of art and politics, and the Ludwig Museum, in its permanent collection exhibition, showcases the  intersection of contemporary art and politics.

Contemporary art and politics at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest

The exhibition reflects on the social and political utopias, mines cultural memory and explores the limits of creativity in public spaces, and above all, the complex role that the artist plays in society.

These reflections are especially fraught with complex questions in the former eastern bloc, as any history of art will be wrapped up with questions of censorship, propaganda and authorship.  The different conceptual bases for art due to the repressive political climate mean that certain “apolitical” forms, such as abstract art, took on a political cast during the Cold War. In this case, abstraction became a negation of the systematic ideals of Eastern Europe and a form of rebellious expression.

The exhibition rescues many works which had been obscured by political pressures to shed new light on them for visitors. This wonderful show collects work from about fifty artists both from Hungary and various corners of the Eastern and Western European world.

Among the new acquisitions at the Ludwig, you will find work by Kaszás Tamás and István Csákány.

International artists featured include we can find the radical ideas of the Czech audiovisual  artist Faroki Harun, or a work of the Barcelona artist Antoni Muntadas, entitled “Media Monuments Budapest”  or omnipresent irony in the work the Croatian artist Mladen Stilonovic.

The Ludwig Museum specializes in contemporary art after the collectors Irene and Peter Ludwig, who made a donation of 70 works. It is the only museum of its kind in Hungary and is located in the magnificent Palace of Arts t on the Danube. Its design and size are optimal for a lovely and educational trip through contemporary Eastern European art.

The show located on the third floor of the building and will remain open until February 27th of next year and can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm.

Walk around Budapest and attend this exhibition that traverses the metamorphosis of culture and memory to better understand the city, its history and especially major changes in the last 30 years.

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