Sándor Hollán in Budapest

Sándor Hollán in Budapest


Budapest Museum of Fine Arts in presents an interesting exposition “The Way of the Tree” by the Hungarian painter Sándor Hollán, The exhibition is a tribute to the work of the artist who uses nature to express the existential complexities through painting and graphic design.

Sándor Hollán in Budapest

Along with about 100 works by artists, including those of great masters , the museum takes a journey into the work of Sándor Hollán to show the influences and changes that the artist has had in the course of his work. It is a quest to discover his history through this exhibition that shows an interesting approach to Hungarian art.

Sándor Hollán was born in Budapest in 1933. He began to paint self-taught as a teenager. In 1955 he obtained his master degree in painting in a Hungary that began to be shaken in search of changes after Stalin’s death and the weakening of the pro-Soviet regime. In 1956 there is a large student demonstration that ends in repression and tighter restrictions on freedom, a motive that puts his family in the list of unreliable citizens to the authorities. In this situation, about 200 thousand people go into exile, Hollán moved to Paris to study painting at the Paris Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, and then he studied graphic arts at l’École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs.

Hollán, like great painters and artists, has used nature to accommodate the complex existential senses, just as Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne and others did and through it bared their inner world. It is nature that gives strength to his work. You can see the changes it is experiencing, in a game where color and shading are going deep into the passages of his emotional world.

His interesting exploration of artists from different times forges his own way, turns him into a studious character and a perfectionist who is always in search of an aesthetic expression, which leads to achieving the ideal of perfect work, as nature is , where the colors, textures and shapes achieve a unique harmony.

The ongoing quest for new experiences and stimuli that came from a different perspective of art led him to buy a small publishing company in 1984 in southern France, where he spent his summers. This publishing company has been transformed into  the space where  illustrations can be created from words, challenging them from abstraction, such as those made for  books by the poet and philosopher Yves Bonnefoy.

No doubt that the work of Hollán is a delight to the senses and an encounter with an aesthetic challenge that grabs the viewer.

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