Budapest for Vegetarians

Budapest for Vegetarians


One place where vegetarians are certain not to run into problems is Budapest. This city can easily meet even vegan requirements, so you won’t have to worry about where to eat after long walks in the Hungarian capital. Vegetarian restaurants are very successful and very busy. In fact, it is not uncommon to see them filled to the brim.

This way of eating is more widespread than in Spain, since the Mediterranean diet while fairly healthy offers things that prove hard to resist for locals, such as the Iberian ham or choricito de leña.

Budapest for Vegetarians

Hummus Bar

If you want to tour the city on the Danube by visiting the best places to eat, you’re pretty much obligated to check out the Hummus Bar. As its name suggests, you can get great hummus, falafel, and all kinds of vegetables. The food has an Middle Eastern flavor and influence.

Nepfenyes Etterem

The next stop on our gastronomic tour is Etterem Nepfenyes. Although it’s a little further from the center of the city, their vegetarian pizzas, among other dishes, and excellent desserts make it worth the effort.

Gorilla Vega Bufe

To continue with our special focus, there’s also the Gorilla Vega Bufe, which is located in the center of the city. Make sure you’ve worked up a good appetite when you go there, because the dishes served here are delicious, especially the burgers, and also quite big. They alone make it worth finding. These aren’t your standard burger fare, but rather vegetarian ones that are really good. You’ll find them made of tofu in their alternative menu. They also offer a variety of salads and organic drinks as well as delicious desserts.

Ganga Vega Café

If you’re more interested in seeing the city than spending time in restaurants, there is always the option of going to a fast-food restaurant such as Ganga Vega Café. They give you a choice between food of European origin or something from farther East. They also use seasonal products obtained directly from farmers. And although fast-food restaurants are not known for great service, here you will find just that.


Vegetarian food is closely linked to Asian cuisine and Indian food, and this restaurant, Govinda, which recently opened in Budapest, continues the traditions of other countries by offering this type of food. It’s located within walking distance of the Danube, but is not your typical tourist place.

These may be lesser known restaurants in the city, yet they offer something for everyone. And you usually get a pretty good amount of food at a good price.


Taking a break to eat at any one of these restaurants will help you rest up and get energized to see the rest of Buda and Pest. This fascinating city should be on everyone’s list to visit at least once, and perhaps even twice. This gastronomic tour gives you a good excuse to go and discover the city on the Danube for yourself.

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